What is KARNIM?

KARNIM is a WHO-GMP and AYUSH Premium mark certified Ayurvedic product in a capsule form which is for management of diabetes and associated symptoms related to carbohydrate metabolism.

Manufactured in central India’s only world class WHO-GMP certified manufacturing facility of UNIJULES LIFE SCIENCES LTD. Nagpur.

Who should use KARNIM?

Patients with pre-diabetic syndrome, i.e. who are having associated symptoms like weight gain, polyurea, polyphasia, fatigue etc but has no significant elevated blood sugar level but has border line levels, means who are prone to diabetes should take KARNIM capsules for prevention of diabetes.

Also patients who are freshly diagnosed as a case of Type II DM and those who are already on other hypoglycemic therapies should take KARNIM.

Is it useful in insulin dependent cases of diabetes?

Yet we don’t have any clinical data on such type of cases but it can be used as adjuvant which may help to control the complications of DM.

Can it be given in insulin resistant cases?

Yes, It can be given in insulin resistant cases, but not as a single therapy, but as an adjuvant, in insulin resistant cases.

Can I use it in Type1diabetes?

We have not carried out any clinical trial with this type of indication yet, and not reported any cases with significant results even. We don’t suggest officially, but one can use it as an adjuvant, because there is no harm definitely, and please report us if you find any positive results.

Will higher dose cause hypoglycemia?

The dose slightly higher than the regular dose doesn’t cause hypoglycemia. As an herbal remedy, it simply coordinates with the body and acts accordingly, that’s why even a higher dose also doesn’t hamper or is simply manageable.

At what sugar level it should be used?

In freshly diagnosed cases it can be used at sugar levels around 200 PP, as a single medicine and above that it can be started as an adjuvant and slowly shift on Karnim  alone.

Will it prevent complications of diabetes?

Yes, as per our post marketing survey and feedback from our prescibers, it prevents complications associated with DM like numbness, weakness, joint pain, polyuria, polyphasia etc. and regular use of Karnim can also prevent from peripheral neuralgia caused due to chronic DM.

Can I use this in diabetic coma?

Though it doesn’t cause any untoward effects, but still we doesn’t have any clinical data regarding this so better not to use in such conditions.

Generally single drug is not sufficient for BSL control. Is it necessary to use another OHA or insulin with this?

In fresh cases where sugar level is not much increased we can prescribe Karnim  alone and adjusting the dose we can control the sugar level. But the cases where sugar level is much increased we should use another OHA for acute control and then can reduce the dose by adjusting the dose of Karnim .

Is it useful in Malnutritional DM or Obese DM?

Yes. As a herbal remedy it is useful in malnutritional DM which also increase immune mechanism naturally. It is useful in the Pt. of obese DM as the bitter ingredients also has a scrapping action over increased fat and regulates the proper metabolism of the body.

Will it work in Diabetic wound where sugar control is very necessary?

Yes, in the conditions of diabetic wound apart from the sugar control it also facilitates the granulation tissues and microcirculation resulting in better healing of wounds including proper precaution and care of the wound.

Does it stimulate Pancreas?

Yes, it stimulates the beta cells of pancreas to secrete insulin.

Random use or specific time as modern drugs as before or after meal?

Preferably it should be used before meal, but can be used randomly also but follow the same dose schedule at every time as herbal remedies set the tune with the body.

Is it necessary to follow dietary restrictions?

Absolutely, it is very necessary to follow dietary restrictions and regular exercise is also needed.

Is it necessary to take lifetime?

Depends on the nature and type of DM and also on the patient’s own defense mechanism and sincerity about medications and exercise, diet etc. it can be withdrawn in the new cases.

What is onset of action for this medicine?

After 2 weeks of treatment with Karnim  there will be a significant relief in the disorders like polyuria, weakness, joint pain etc. and sugar level will be well controlled after religious consumption of 4 to 6 weeks.

What are indications?

In freshly diagnosed cases it can used as a single drug to control sugar levels. It is generally indicated in secondary or associated disorders of chronic DM.

What are the ill effects if someone consumes in higher dosages than indicated? Does it cause death?

No, Only somewhat gastric irritation may be produced if someone consumes in higher doses. Other than that it doesn’t have any type of ill effects.

Is it necessary to take any precaution while taking this medicine?

No, not at all. Only regular exercise is necessary when sugar control is the must.

Is it safe in pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely (Recommended to consult your Doctor / Physician).

Does it cause any side effect? / Does it carry any type of ADRs?

No, not any type of ADRs are reported yet.

Is there any clinical data / evidence / trial for this product?

Yes, we have clinical data regarding safety and efficacy of Karnim capsules against DM type II.

Can I take this with other allopathic medicines as antiepileptic or antihypertensive drugs? / Does it show any type of drug interactions?

Yes, we can take this with other allopathic medicines as adjuvant to other antidiabetic drugs dose of which can be reduced afterwards. It doesn’t show any interactions with other allopathic medicines also.