One of the major complications of untreated or under treated diabetes is elevated levels of very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) in blood circulation. The VLDL is converted in the liver to more cholesterol rich low density lipoproteins that accumulate progressively on the mucosal lining of blood capillaries with subsequent narrowing of the vessel lumina. These pathological changes contribute to one of the major complication of diabetespremature atherosclerosis. The situation may be more serious in obese patients in whom triglyceride levels are abnormally elevated.

mukul contained in KARNIM capsules is a well known anti-28,29 cholesteremic, antihyperlipidemic agent which effectively prevents capillary thickening & subsequent pathological 29 consequences in diabetes This effect of C. mukul coupled with its fibrinolytic activity also prevents retinopathy, neuropathy & gangrene which are secondary to atherosclerosis & precipitated when already narrowed blood vessels are blocked by blood clots (fibrin). One of the active principles in C. mukul is commiferin.