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"I have been using Karnim 2 caps/day for the last 2-3 months. The result is heartening - my recent Glycotes Hb is only 6.9%. This indicates a good diabetes control despite my unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise."

Dr. TY Kagalwala, MD, DCH [Reg.No. 49295]

"I have been using KARNIM regularly since the last 10 years in not only my patients but also my family members who have diabetes mellitus. I have found that it has been effective in reducing complications, reducing the dose of other anti-diabetic drugs, improving the quality of life of patients, producing a feeling of well-being and strength, improving stamin and reducing lthargy and weakness."
Dr. KB Tandon, MBBS [Reg.No. 45585]

"I have been extensively using cap. Karnim in diabetes mellitus and founf that it has given very satisfactory result and most of the patients whose blood sugar is below 200mg/100ml are put only on Karnim and have given promising result."
Dr. RS Upadhyay, MBBS, MD, [Reg.No. 3818]

"I have used cap. KARNIM in more than 50 patients of diabetes & founf that is very effective especially in newly diagnosed diabetes. It is very effective in borderline diabetes also. I also use this very frequently along with other anti-diabetes specially in poor control cases or cases not responding with routine anti-diabetic. It also gives a sense of psychological well being to the patients. Thank you for such a wonderful combination."
Dr. AK Gupta, MBBS, MD (Medicine)

"I have prescribed Karnim for my diabetic patients as an adjuant therapy. After a couple of months the blood sugar level was reduced significantly and dose of anti-diabetic drug was reduced. I have also used Karnim in borderline diabetes patients without using any other drug and they have responded quickly."
Dr. K Motwani, MBBS [Reg.No. 77228]

"I am prescribing Cap. Karnim for the patients of Maturity onset Diabetes since 1 year and I am getting very good results in the form of mantaining blood sugar level below 200 mg /P-M Some patients now have normal sugar."
Dr. BG Nagrare, MBBS, DCH, MD [Reg.No. 43283]

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