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"Karnim is very useful in case of type II diabetes mellitus, this is my personal experience."

Dr. RC Mishra, MBBS, MD [Reg.No. 6800]

"Karnim Capsule is excellent result in adjunct therapy for diabetics patient"
Dr. SK Gupta, BSc, DHMS, BAMS [Reg.No. 10206, 30243]

"I am using Cap Karnim in Diabetes Mellitus and I find excellent result in control of DM."
Dr. LD Dhote, MBBS, MD, DcCM, FSASMS [Reg.No. 6053 & 519 (PG)]

"I am regularly prescibing Karnim Capsules for controlling Diabetes Mellitus, In my opinion it is a very good product."
Dr. RK Mallick, MBBS [Reg.No. 24856]

"I have extensively prescribed Karnim Capsules as an adjuant to diabetic patient with excellent clinical result and sense of well being."
Dr. MA Khan, MBBS, MD [Reg.No. 1946]

"Cap Karnim is very good product & having excellent result. Karnim normalises metabolism and patient feels very energetic."
Dr. TA Sarode, BAMS [Reg.No. 1-3466B A-1]

"I have taken Cap. Karnim from last 4 months alongwith allopathic drugs. My blood sugar is normal from last three months."
Dr. (Mrs) RA Amin, BAMS [Reg.No. 115404]

"Karnim has benefitted a selectie group of patients and is definitely recommended as an adjunctive therapy."
Dr. NH Tandon, MD (Diabates Specialist)

"I have used Karnim on a few of my diabetes patients and the results are quite encouraging."
Dr. A Patil, MD [Reg.No. 75198]

"I have been prescribing cap. Karnim since a long time. I am satisified with the results."
Dr. HI Ansari, MBBS, MRSH (London)

Karnim Capsules
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