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"I have been using Karnim Cap. in Diabetes Mellitus and found good results not only in IDDM but also in insulin dependant cases to lower insulin requirement also."

Dr. MA Bhabha, BSc, MBBS [Reg.No. 3260]

"I am prescibing Cap. Karnim for Type II Diabetes and newly detected DM. Drug is founf to be very effective and safe."
Dr. P Pandit, MBBS, FCGP [Reg.No. 072098]

"i have been prescrining karnim Caps regularly and I get good results in diabetes patients."
Dr. PV Madnani, MBBS

"My patient - who was under Karnim Caps for a month has shown very good results by lowering his bllod sugar - fasting and post prandial levels to normal."
Dr. (Mrs) RV Ambekar, MBBS, DGO, DFP

"I have been taling Karnim capsules for my diabetes (type II) for the last 3 years. I am very much satisfied about its useful effect on me."
Dr. RS Ahuja, MBBS [Reg.No. 12546]

"This is to state that I personally take Cap. Karnim one daily on a preventive basis as I have a strong family history of diabetes. This has provided my blood sugar to be in control."
Dr. NH Merchant, MBBS [Reg.No. 38149]

"Karnim has helped 18 patients of mine to reduce their blood sugar levels within 3 months to the normal limits."
Ved Thapar, Ayurvedacharya

"I gave Cap karnim to a 40 yrs lady. She was suffering from obesity. After giving treatment of Karnim for three months whe feels much better and has had weight loss."
Dr. BT Kadwaghe, BAMS [Reg.No. i- 20105]

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